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Randy Old is my herbalist. He helped me immensely with his recommendations through a very difficult time in my life. The supplements, teas, and herbs gave me the physical stamina I needed during this time. His insight, empathy and support made him a truly holistic practitioner. -- J.M.

I worked with Jody for many years at a small independent school in Maryland and was always inspired by her attention to good food and good health and the correlation she made between the two. Her own good health and positive approach to life was evidence that she knew what she was talking about. When Jody and Randy became involved with herbal alternatives, I had the opportunity to visit their school and experience the 'power of plants' in my own health regime. Not only did the suggested herbs improve my digestion, weight, blood pressure, and sleep, their attention to and sincere interest in my health was in itself beneficial. Their food and herbal program fits easily into any lifestyle and their common sense approach to better health is a welcome alternative that works with traditional medicine. -- P.H.

My experience with Randy has been wonderful. He is a careful attentive listener and was able to get right down to the issues I came in with. I found great relief for my condition and am still enjoying lasting effects of his work. His presence with me in the treatment room provides for a calm relaxing environment where I feel that my needs and concerns are well met. I would recommend Randy to anyone seeking an easy and effective way to make a big difference in their quality of life. -- C.J.

After the frustrating and confusing attempts to coordinate the opinions of different specialists, different prescriptions as well as different adverse reactions, it was a pleasure and relief to talk to someone who took the time to consider the WHOLE picture. Jody's moderate, natural and incremental approach to making arthritis easier to live with was just what I needed. -- G.B.

As a grown child of an M.D., I was initially hesitant to engage an herbalist. However, after witnessing the health benefits that my wife was experiencing under the guidance of her herbalist, I decided to give it a try myself. Randy Old's thoughtful nutritional counseling and insightful analysis of my herbal needs have proven my decision to be very wise indeed. I have learned new behaviors and approaches towards food, nutrition, and exercise and it has been an extremely positive experience and my energy levels have never been greater. I would highly recommend him to any and all of my fellow skeptics. -- M.B.

Jody, the passion flower tincture that you gave me is amazing! I'm hoping to grow the plant in my own yard. And the tea is delicious... The hint of peppermint is yummy. These two preparations have calmed my "green attacks" on my stomach. I have so enjoyed working with you. I have learned many things over the past year that will enhance my health forever. -- A.M.P.